Sustainability Academic References

I am busy building a digital collection of research papers and technical articles on sustainability, systems thinking and practice, complexity theory, business strategy, multi-agent systems and agent-based modelling. I use JABREF, an open source Java-based reference manager to manage this collection. JABREF supports a number of bibliographic database formats (e.g. EndNote and RIS) and stores reference information in BibTex format. All my writing is done using LaTeX. This means that I do not have to worry about formatting or reference management as LaTeX does this all for me.

Click here to see my current reference list (PDF Document).  Contact me should you want to share/exchange articles with me.

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3 Comments on “Sustainability Academic References”

  1. Building a digital collection of research papers is a very usefull thing to do. If you are interested in sharing/exchanging articles with people in your research area, then might interest you. It’s an online library of research papers, that can export to bibtex, RIS and endnote and allows to share articles.

  2. S. Fazal Says:

    Good luck with your thesis- I came across your site while looking for data on sustainability for a paper I’m doing for an MBA program.

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